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Phoenix Butterfly Design


Hi! My name is Claire Simpson and I'm a  multi-media artist raised in New Jersey and currently living in Bellingham, Washington. I didn't always consider myself an artist; I'm not great at drawing and realism eludes me.  It wasn't until I got to college and started playing with a camera that I realized I didn't have to create classicly beautiful art; I could just play with shiny, rainbow things and that counted as art too.


After this epiphany, I started dabbling in any and all forms of art I could learn about and bring my iridescent flair to.  I dabbled in photography, performance art, sculpture, installation, and many hybrid projects. 


I like to make work that the viewer can interact with, because to me, inspiring another person to think creatively is more powerful than any piece that I could make on my own. When I'm not arting, playing with fire, or being a general weirdo (just kidding, that's a constant) I work for a nonprofit called Industree Foundation, based in India, that generates livelihoods for women through artisan craft and clothing production. 

My work has been featured in the following galleries, events, and locations:

Lafayette College

Sydney College of the Arts

Aqua Art Miami 

Make.Shift Art Space 

The FAB Studios

Summer Meltdown Festival

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