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Phoenix Butterfly Design


Hi! My name is Claire Simpson and I'm a  multi-media artist raised in New Jersey and currently living in Bellingham, Washington. I didn't always consider myself an artist; I'm not great at drawing and realism eludes me.  It wasn't until I got to college and started playing with a camera that I realized I didn't have to create classicly beautiful art; I could just play with shiny, rainbow things and that counted as art too.


After this epiphany, I started dabbling in any and all forms of art I could learn about and bring my iridescent flair to.  I dabbled in photography, performance art, sculpture, installation, and many hybrid projects. 


I like to make work that the viewer can interact with, because to me, inspiring another person to think creatively is more powerful than any piece that I could make on my own. When I'm not arting, playing with fire, or being a general weirdo (just kidding, that's a constant) I work for a nonprofit called Industree Foundation, based in India, that generates livelihoods for women through artisan craft and clothing production. 

My work has been featured in the following galleries, events, and locations:

Aqua Art Miami

The Happy Place

APOG Music Festival 

Cascadia NW Music Festival 

EOS Festival

Rise to Shine Festival 

Summer Meltdown Festival

Lafayette College

Sydney College of the Arts

Make.Shift Art Space 

The FAB Studios

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